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The smartest way to AUTOMATE your lab

A comprehensive LIMS & CRM for Infectious Disease, COVID-19, Cancer Genomics, PGx, Toxicology, Hematology and more in one platform!
All Digital, No Problem

Save money and time by providing all digital ordering or some digital and some paper orders.  No matter your needs, we can help cut data entry costs immensely. 

No IT Required!

We're the experts in laboratory portals, so you don't have to be.  If you can connect to any website, you can use our platform.

Portals for All

Portal for physicians?  Absolutely!

Portal for patients?  Of course!

Portal for sales and marketers? Bingo!

Lab Administration portal? Yep!

Constant Security

Our team focuses on security within all aspects of our product.  If we find an issue, we fix it.  

Analytics, Unlimited

Create an excel or .csv file for any of your data.  Pinpoint sales trends yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily, for any or facility or sales group.

Anytime Support

We will fix any issues ASAP!  Plus, if you have a feature request, we will talk with our engineers and see how quickly we can add it to your portal.


Simple and Amazing

How it works


Add any physician's office and users, all included and no extra fee.  Do you have hundreds of users that need access?  Send us the information and we will have their accounts created quickly.  It's your lab, and we don't want to stop you from growing as big as possible. 

Up in Days

Our cloud software allows any lab to begin using their own custom branded portal within days, not weeks.  Need EMR/EHR integration, or even lab to lab integration?  That's Easy!

How it works
Joe F. - Operations Manager

"The TrueMed IT portal and it's team are great!"

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